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Whether it’s your first home purchase or your third, we will help you find what you’re looking for.

Your home purchase will be one of the biggest and most important financial decisions you’ll ever make. You deserve the best representation from a company you can trust.  When we represent a home buyer, we are legally responsible for representing that buyer’s interest in the transaction.  We’ll put our expertise to work for you to ensure everything goes as smoothly as possible.  When buying a home, our representation is usually a free service to you.  The company that has listed the property for sale has typically already agreed to compensate us for helping you purchase their property.

Get Pre-qualified

Before you start looking for your next home you should get pre-qualified. If paying cash, there is no reason to meet with a mortgage lender. However, if you need to obtain a mortgage to finalize the purchase of your new home, set up a meeting with a good mortgage loan officer as soon as possible.  Being pre-qualified for a loan determines how much house you can afford.  It also allows you to move more quickly when you find the right house, especially when you aren’t the only interested buyer.

Finding the Right Home

Locating your dream home is the fun part!  Once you’re pre-qualified and we establish what you’re looking for in your new home, it’s time to find the right one.  We will search our multiple listing service (MLS) and inform you of all the homes that meet your needs in the areas that you desire to live in.  Our MLS information is updated by the minute and will advise us on which properties are available to show, which ones have offers pending and which ones have already sold.  If you rely solely on information you see in local real estate publications, you may be disappointed to find that many of the listings are outdated, especially when the market is seeing a lot of activity. Due to the numerous listings and showings of our agents, we have probably already seen the perfect home for you!

Making the Offer

Everyone is concerned about paying too much for their new home or buying a house with hidden defects.  Preparing your offer properly will help eliminate many problems that could arise.  Don’t gamble on something so important. Let us help you make good, informed decisions in preparing your offer.

While some homes are over priced, many are priced appropriately.  Many sellers hire an experienced agent to list their home resulting in the home being priced at its proper market value.  In today’s market, many homes are selling for their full asking price.  If you find a home that is priced right, there are still many items in the offer that need to be negotiated properly including: earnest money amount, financing options, repair limit, seller concessions, closing date, etc.  Put our expertise to work for you and let us help you get the most for your money.

Home Inspections

A standard pre-purchase property inspection covers a home’s major mechanical systems:  electrical, plumbing, heating/cooling and its construction from roof to foundation, exterior to interior.  These inspections do not usually cover soil, pools, wells, septic systems, building code violations or environmental hazards such as lead or radon.  The inspection contingency in your purchase contract will usually allow you up to two weeks to conduct an overall inspection plus any specialized inspections you (or your lender) require.  The cost of an inspection can range from $100 to several hundred dollars. Specialized inspections usually involve an expert and can cost more.  Repairs or remedies are negotiable, and they also can derail a deal.  It’s a good idea to meet the inspector immediately after the inspection is completed so they can explain what they inspected and what they found.  Ask your inspector if you should have a specialist to further inspect any items.

Title Search

We primarily use title or abstract companies to handle closings.  They will perform a title search of the property to ensure there are no problems with transferring ownership of the property to you. They also prepare the closing documents including the HUD-1, the form that tells you exactly how much money you will need to finalize the purchase of your new home.  We will help you select a reputable company in our area to handle the complex details of your home purchase.

Finalizing the Sale

There are usually more than 65 people involved in every home purchase.  From your loan application and appraisal to the title search and special inspection, you need an experienced agent overseeing your closing.  If your closing process is not properly supervised, you may not close as scheduled and may even loose your dream home.


You should schedule your move allowing time to prepare your new home for your arrival.  Allow yourself a couple of days for cleaning or other important things that need to be complete prior to you moving in.

We are here to assist you with the complicated process of purchasing your new home.  We have the experience you need to get the job done right.  Please contact one of our agents today!

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